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Pomona: News Archive (2005)

Friday 14 October 2005

Mercy me. Finally, we are proud beyond belief to announce the arrival of Clancy Sigal's masterpiece, The Zone of the Interior. We sent proof copies to several distinguished writers (like proper publishers do!). Here's what Margaret Drabble had to say of said tome:

'Clancy Sigal's book is a gripping account of a revolutionary moment in English medical and social history, and its messages from the 1960s are as topical and timely now as they were when they were first written- fresh, radical, revelatory, funny and alarming. His satiric but affectionate fictional portrait of a well-known psychiatric community and its real inmates is a classic. First-hand, frank, and disturbingly convincing.'

And the very brilliant John Lahr kindly adds:

'Clancy Sigal is a terrific writer--audacious, trenchant, eagle-eyed. He has written superbly about his own journey from America to England, about coal miners lives, and in "Zone of the Interior" about R.D.Laing with whom he helped found and by whom he was analysed. The novel brings hilarious and terrifying news of a crucial experimental phase in the history of psychology. It's written with brio and bile, right up there with his best work." John Lahr

These folks know, you know. Zone is available on-line now or by petitioning your local book store. Hard.

* Hunter Davies' wry look at money, high finance and taking a pee in McDonalds, Mean With Money is currently at the printers. It will be available within a month, hopefully.

Otherwise, all is well at Pomona Towers. The sun also rises, winter looms, but, you know, always a smile.

Monday 1 August 2005

As per...some of our titles have had to go back a little - please see the catalogue page for current publication dates - and, this time, we should be able to honour 'em.

Next up, in October, is Clancy Sigal's zonked-out classic, Zone of the Interior (with a spiffing, daring cover by resident designer Christian Brett) and Hunter Davies' Mean With Money, another witty gem from the master of the under-stated, God-help-us-all school of fine literature.

You will have noticed there hasn't been much publicity around the publication of Barry Hines' two books, Looks and Smiles and The Price of Coal. This was because Barry promptly went off to France (looking for lost kestrels probably, Billy) for three months before we could start our 'campaign'. He's back soon so we'll push on then with the painful job of cajoling (mainly) indifferent features and literary editors into reviewing them. Us, bitter? Eight pints please.

Two new books commissioned but not yet given a publication date: a biography of the most wonderful JD Salinger due early 2007 and an anthology of writing by Jack Rabid, editor of the New York-based magazine, The Big Takeover, this one due next year sometime.

Fred Eyre's Kicked Into Touch is selling well and could well surpass our existing Pomona best-seller - Hunter Davies' The Fan. Not that we're bothered about sales, of course. We're in it for the art (and heart). We could all do with new shoes though and enough money for a day-trip to Todmorden. And back.

Thursday 9 June 2005

Due to assorted knock-backs, nervous breakdowns and too much life impacting, we've had to put back a few projects. So...

Mean With Money by Hunter Davies is now September 2005

Zone of the Interior by Clancy Sigal is October 2005

We've put back Hunter's next football book, The Second Half, indefinitely - probably looking at the end of NEXT season - May 2006.

Sorry to muck you all about

Monday 9 May 2005

Great news. Barry Hines' books The Price of Coal and Looks and Smiles have arrived at Pomona and are now available via this website. They will be in the shops later this week. Two fantastic books then, from the writer who brought you Kes, full of compassion insight, great story-telling. Tell your friends, tell your mam and dads, do the business.

Thursday 21 April 2005

Pomona designer genius Christian Brett has an exhibition of his work with Gee Vaucher (of Crass) at the Phoenix Arts & Media Centre, Gandy Street, Exeter, Devon EX4 3LS 28th April - 15th May 2005
The show, 'In the beginning was the word' is an exhibition of painting, drawing, typography and film based on a performance poem by Penny Rimbaud As part of the exhibition there will also be a performance by CRASS AGENDA "In the beginning..." at the Phoenix Theatre on Thursday 12th May, 9pm, tickets £6/£8, featuring Eve Libertine and Penny Rimbaud accompanied by members of London's cutting-edge jazz community Louise Elliott, Ingrid Laubrock, Ricardo Dos Santos & Gene Calderazzo. Set and projections by Gee Vaucher.
Information and booking Tel: 01392 667080


Gee Vaucher

Gee Vaucher lives and works near London. She is well known for her extensive body of work with the band Crass. In that role, quite apart from her much acclaimed collages, her use of highly developed painting skills created some of the most disturbing images of her time. Her work of that period is now generally acknowledged as having been seminal to the iconography of the punk generation (see 'Crass Art and Other Pre Post-Modernist Monsters', AK Press, 1997).

Much of her work since that time has been connected with the human form, intimately exploring the psychological diversity of social inter-relationships (see 'Animal Rites', Exitstencil Press, 2003).

Gee Vaucher's work has been exhibited extensively throughout the world both in group and solo shows and her work has been included in many magazines and books including the recent publication 'Collage – The Making of Modern Art' (Thames and Hudson, 2004).

Christian Brett

Christian Brett lives and works in Manchester as a freelance typographer/graphic designer. As well as overseeing typesetting for independent book publisher Pomona (publishers of the Crass lyric collection, 'Love Songs'), his more recent work includes sleeve art and live visuals for Manchester-based Narcissus, and is currently working on a number of text-based projects exploring themes of consumerism and disconnection.

Christian graduated from Manchester Metropolitan University with First Class Honours in Interactive Arts (BA Hons) in June 2004. His degree show consisted solely of text-based pieces, including books, prints and his black mirror triptych, 'Imagine your emptiness...fill it with Swedish furniture'. His book and poster, 'The Sound of Stones in the Glass House' – listing 100 years US military intervention – received a great deal of interest from both book artists, designers and buyers.

Monday 18 April 2005

Mercy me. After various cock-ups, delays, niggles and what not, Fred Eyre's Kicked Into Touch (Plus extra-time) is now IN STOCK. Copies are available immediately on this site and will appear in shops over the next few days.

Monday 14 March 2005

Here we go, here we go. Any day now Fred Eyre's masterpiece Kicked Into Touch (Plus extra-time) will arrive at Pomona Towers (more like a bungalow, really). It's been completely revamped from the original version first published in 1981, with lots of new material, photos etc. The book is available for pre-order now.

Monday 21 February 2005

Time for a good tuck-in, we think. To mark the publication of Fred Eyre's Kicked Into Touch (plus Extra-Time) a celebration lunch is being held at the City of Manchester Stadium (Manchester City's ground) at noon on Thursday 28 April. The event will be hosted by James H Reeve, with entertainment provided by comics Sean Styles and Spike Rawlins (the ex-pro who famously clobbered Fred many years ago, setting him on the road to literary fame).
Many football personalities will be in attendance and a good time had by all. A donation from the lunch will be given to Geoff Thomas (ex-Crystal Palace and England) who is suffering from leukaemia but is still planning to embark on a 2,5000-mile bike ride to raise money for the Cure Leukaemia Fund.

Wednesday 16 February 2005

We're currently working on a new cover for Barry Hines' Looks and Smiles. It will be a completely different image from the one flagged up originally on this site.

Thursday 16 January 2005

May we apologise most profusely your honour for the absence of news these past few months. We've had a major behind-the-scenes shake up, moving our distribution from Turnaround to Central Books and our shops representation to Troika. Proper business shenanigans, then, and very time-consuming. We are with good people though, so well worth the effort. Unfortunately, it has meant ALL of our forthcoming title have been put back a few months. New publication details are on the main books page and, this time, we should make every date. Bear with us, the news will now follow on a much more regular basis. A few snippets in the meantime:

  • We've snapped up one of the seminal football books, Kicked Into Touch by Fred Eyre. It will have a new cover, foreword, new pictures and an additional 20,000 words.
  • Elle Nelson, daughter of Pomona author Bill Nelson, is designing the cover for Andrew Martin's Northside.
  • Paul Heaton of The Beautiful South selected Boff Whalley's Footnote as one of his must-have books in the January edition of Word magazine.
  • We've gone Hunter Davies mad again - two more anthologies due from the great man this year - The Second Half (more of his footy writings, or footer as he calls it) and Mean With Money - a collection of pieces on the subject of finance and all things related (don't worry - it's funny, very).

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